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Happy Halloween!

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For the love of Hallowe'en!

Costumes, decorations, music, and candy. Feel free to discuss, tell spooky campfire stories, post pictures, and celebrate the best holiday of the year!

If you are looking for John Carpenter's Halloween Series, please visit /r/Halloweenseries.


  1. Costume idea requests must be submitted in the weekly megathread if there is one.
  2. Self-Promotional links must be posted in the weekly Self-Promotion Thread. All other self-promotional content, including images of self-promotional content with links in the comments, will be removed.
  3. Be courteous! Inflammatory or sexist remarks are not allowed, & will be removed.
  4. No purely offensive costumes, pranks, designs, etc. In an effort to keep this sub fun for everyone, please don't post costumes that are overly offensive. Specifically: Blackface, Caitlyn Jenner costumes, etc..
  5. No political content that pushes an agenda. Caricatures & depictions of political public figures are acceptable though.
  6. No piracy: please do not submit links to pirated content.
  7. In order to combat spambots, all posts submitted by new accounts will be filtered. It may take a short while for your post to be approved.


Pumpkins Decorations

Food DIY

Makeup Costumes

Discussion Party Planning

Music Videos

Art Story

Humor Tattoos

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Check out our wiki for a full list of Holiday-Related Subreddits

Happy Halloween!

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