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Happy Crowds, Responsive Audiences, and Participating Patrons

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We so often hear about angry crowds, riots, and the like. It's been said to determine how a mob will act you should take the IQ of the dumbest member and divide by the number of people there.

This subreddit is about the opposite of all that.

Instead of those negative feelings, this is about the times when the audience sings along, the crowd chants the name of their champion, the unwashed masses overrule the emperor, the people dance in the aisles, and everything is good and life is great. We want to see tens of thousands of people dancing in joy because they're at the concert of their lives, the Berlin wall just collapsed, their team just won the World Cup, etc. We want to see people excited to be living life, to be sharing those peak moments with one another, to be experiencing joy and ecstasy in unison with their fellow human beings.

Please note that current events that may be spoiled, such as sporting events and the like, should be submitted with a generic title identifying the event. (e.g. "World Sportsball Championship Crowd Goes Wild" is ok. "The Townsville Ballplayers New Sportsball World Champions!" is not.) This rule applies to at least 48 hours after the event.

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