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Happy Girls

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r/happygirls - for pictures of beautiful girls looking so happy, you just can't help but smile with them.

You must ask the OP of any GW image before crossposting her here. She might like to do it herself, or may not want her image shared here.

Porn/sex pictures are accepted but not the norm; please try to keep this as SFW as possible! Only submit explicit images if the smile is so amazing it detracts from the pr0n, if you get what I mean.

Should you decide to post an explicit image, please TAG IT NSFW! If you don't know how to tag NSFW the easiest way is to include it in the post title.

If you repeatedly disregard the NSFW tagging rule you'll get your posts removed. If that doesn't make you take heed you'll be spam filtered. I do not need to be posting Mark NSFW more than once a week.

Please post direct links to images.

Please do not post duckfaces.

Regular submitters may be invited to become a mod :)

NOTE: If you are going to report something, you MUST leave a comment or message the moderators explaining why, else it will be ignored.

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