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The Cutest Killers on Earth

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Welcome to HardcoreAww! Click here to read our Mission Statement, Submission Rules & FAQs

HardcoreAww is for CUTE & DANGEROUS animals that would KILL you if they had the chance!

We value all life on the planet and agree that humans have been stripping away the natural habitats of the amazing beasts that we have demonized for our own expansion purposes. We post images of these creatures not only to make your heart go aww but also to highlight the importance of protecting them for the next generations to come.


Do not post:

  • Anything showing signs of humans or the human world without an original source - more details or see below "Signs of the human world".

  • "X-Post from" in the title.

  • Animals that aren't lethal (eg. fox, wolverine, lynx, snow leopard) - list of killers or cite examples.

  • Gore (animal eating bloody things, injuries).

  • Dead animals (taxidermy, hunting trophy).

  • Images with captions (memes, image macros).

  • Content from Facebook, Flickr, or other personal social media accounts. Use Imgur instead!

  • Anything against reddiquette! When possible, credit the original source!

Moderators reserve the right to remove post or comment at their own discretion.

Click Here for Detailed Rules & FAQs


If you are posting anything that shows the above, please add a comment in the post, eg. Zoologist Kevin Richardson interacting with wildlife, and a link to an original source, ie. photographer's page or information page to the actual image of the animal you posted.


Keeping wild and exotic animals as pets threatens public health and safety as well as animal welfare. Wild animals can attack, they can spread disease, and the average pet owner cannot provide the care they need in captivity. Help us keep wild animals protected and in the wild!

Humane Society on Dangerous Exotic Pets

Why You Shouldn't Own an Exotic Pet

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