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r/hatchery: hatch now.

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You might be confused about what's going on. Basically, think of r/bestof, but with eggs.

Hello, fellow hatchling. You have just hatched from an egg.

Your goal is to help your species thrive.

We will expand our territory, we will infest other territories of this universe.

You can help us by doing the following:

  1. Finding good posts on other territories (subreddits)

  2. Laying an egg on there, on the comments.

All hatchlings have to know how to lay an egg. Here's how:

  1. comment like a normal human would

  2. type egg, then hyperlink it to

You have successfully laid an egg.


Good day sir! This is a random comment!


After laying an egg, post the link for the post you have infested on r/hatchery.


Our allies:

r/deeplyunsettlingfacts - for unsettling facts

/r/SkyrimSkills_IRL - show off your skyrim skills.

Discord Server

Talk and discuss with your fellow hatchlings...

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