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r/hatchery: hatch now.

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You might be confused about what's going on. Basically, think of r/bestof, but that you are awarding people with eggs, and a little RP.

You have hatched from the dark abyss, and have joined the ranks of the hatchery.

We are bound to one another by a common cause: To infest and convert all of Reddit to our number. You do this exactly as you arrived here: through laying eggs.

To lay an egg, simply hyperlink egg in your comment, under a good post or a comment. Think that you are "awarding" them.

Example: [egg]_( without the underscore will link the word "egg" to this subreddit.

Afterwards, create a link post linking to the comment you made, not the post you commented on. Clicking on "permalink" underneath a comment should allow you to link a specific comment on Reddit. This way, you can share your contribution with your fellow hatchlings.

What are the rules of laying a good egg?

Don't forget to lay eggs on good posts or comments! after all, that is the purpose of the subreddit.

Only post eggs on subreddits which have at least 200 people visiting at any one point in time.

Smaller subreddits are beneath us. You may lay eggs on subreddits of smaller size, but don't make a post on this subreddit as outlined above.

Please make your eggs visible on the comment thread, or your egg will not hatch.

eggs must be comments which add things to the discussion!

I'll try my best to go over new eggs to make sure they're valid, but don't try too hard to force an egg. Only place eggs in comments where the word "egg" makes logical sense, and please DO NOT comment only "egg" with a link. It may pique peoples' curiosity, but it's also spam and no one likes that.

Example of a bad egg:

egg egg egg egg egg

Example of a good egg:

You make an omelette with an egg.

We also have a ranking system:


Premature hatchling: 1~4 posts

Mature Hatchling: 4 ~ 9 posts

Legion of the Hatchery: 10 ~ 14 posts

Veteran Hatchling: 15 ~ 19 posts

Guard Hatchling: 20 ~ 24 posts

Imperial Hatchling: 25 ~ 29 posts

The Enlightened: 30 ~ 34 posts

Honorary Overlord: 35 ~ 39 posts

Hero of the Hatchery: 40 posts

More tiers will be added.

Rewards for each tier is yet to come.

Our allies:

r/deeplyunsettlingfacts - for unsettling facts

/r/SkyrimSkills_IRL - show off your skyrim skills.

/r/eggs - Need Explanation?

Discord Server

Talk and discuss with your fellow hatchlings...

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