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BDSM Fantasies of various kinds

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  • This sub is a place for femsub BDSM Fantasies of various kinds: Gorean, Bondage, Domination, Submission, Orgasm Denial, Masters and Slaves, Petgirls, Shibari, Kinbaku, Hentai, etc

  • This is a place to let your imagination run wild and to enjoy your fantasies. Feel free to make comments in character with fantasies in the posts.

  • Fantasy rape can be fun. Genuine rape is bad. Fantasies of enslaving woman can be fun. Actually hating woman is bad. If you don't agree, this sub is not for you. Also, you should consider seeing a therapist.

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Originally started as a testing ground for the havoc_bot. havoc_bot is a bot that automatically searches through tumblr for BDSM content and posts it to various subs on reddit like /r/Bondage, /r/gor, /r/Femaleorgasmdenial. It posts copies of all it's submissions here, for debugging purposes.

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