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~~The Innervated~~ ~~14h 59m~~ ~~Hosted by GosuGamers ~~

~~The Angry Chicken~~ ~~15h 59m~~ ~~  ~~

~~Legend of the Innkeeper~~ ~~19h 59m~~ ~~A Hearthstone Podcast for Casual Players ~~

~~Golden Wisp~~ ~~1d 10h 59m~~ ~~A Competitive Hearthstone Podcast ~~

~~Value Town~~ ~~1d 15h 59m~~ ~~HS Podcast hosted by ChanManV, J4CKIECHAN, & Alliestraza ~~

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>~~nl_Kripp~~ >~~15775 viewers~~ >~~TSM Kripp ARENA & Ranked !twitchprime (✿☯‿☯✿)(✿☯‿☯✿)~~

>~~StrifeCro~~ >~~4401 viewers~~ >~~StrifeCro - Control Paladin.~~

>~~침착맨~~ >~~3360 viewers~~ >~~♨침착맨 <하스스톤> 용나오면 이기고 용안나오면 지는 전사~~

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>~~HearthstoneFR~~ >~~541 viewers~~ >~~[FR] Typhus et les failles spatio-temporelles~~

>~~설인하~~ >~~56 viewers~~ >~~간다간다 5급으로 오늘은 진짜!팩트 여러분 믿어도되여 헷ㅎ~~

>~~m989876525~~ >~~85 viewers~~ >~~vod【JT Eason】聊天~~

>~~dreadsss~~ >~~82 viewers~~ >~~3-1 Rogue Arena Leaderboard - #17 in NA July - Back home (Frames are saved!)~~

>~~theDarkFey~~ >~~30 viewers~~ >~~Arena - Dragon Menagerieish Warlock~~

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