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~~Velen's Chosen Podcast~~ ~~11h 29m~~ ~~  ~~

~~DreamHack Austin~~ ~~11h 59m~~ ~~DreamHack Grand Prix | Day 1 ~~

~~Good Gaming $300 EU~~ ~~1d 8h 59m~~ ~~Weekly Open ~~

~~DreamHack Austin~~ ~~1d 12h 59m~~ ~~DreamHack Grand Prix | Day 2 ~~

~~Go4Hearthstone Europe~~ ~~2d 9h 59m~~ ~~Weekly Open ~~

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>~~PlayHearthstone~~ >~~16661 viewers~~ >~~Hearthstone Global Games - Day 9~~

>~~nl_Kripp~~ >~~13764 viewers~~ >~~TSM Kripp ARENA! 1M Follows = Button !twitchprime (✿☯‿☯✿)(✿☯‿☯✿)~~

>~~HearthstonezhTW~~ >~~12055 viewers~~ >~~4/28《爐石戰記》世界大賽 台灣 vs 墨西哥~~

Discover someone new!

>~~StoneWall891~~ >~~17 viewers~~ >~~Taunt Warrior grind to Legend /w StoneWall - Newly affiliated!~~

>~~SevenS1ns~~ >~~40 viewers~~ >~~Live from Down Under!~~

>~~룩삼~~ >~~4761 viewers~~ >~~HGG 홍차형과 해설 day3~~

>~~CovilDoOgro~~ >~~15 viewers~~ >~~Rumo a LENDA #SQN~~

>~~ThornscapeTV~~ >~~40 viewers~~ >~~【HOJE É DIA DE LENDA!!!】【!torneio】 【!makgora】【PT-BR / ENG】~~

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