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|Date|Matchup|Score| |:--:|:--:|:--:| |Mon, Feb 5 7:30 PM|ORL|111 - 109 L| |Wed, Feb 7 7:30 PM|HOU|109 - 101 L| |Fri, Feb 9 8:00 PM|MIL|85 - 91 W| |Tue, Feb 13 7:00 PM|@ TOR|112 - 115 L| |Wed, Feb 14 7:00 PM|@ PHI|102 - 104 L| |Fri, Feb 23 8:00 PM|@ NOP|| |Sat, Feb 24 7:30 PM|MEM|| |Tue, Feb 27 7:30 PM|PHI|| |Thu, Mar 1 7:30 PM|LAL|| |Sat, Mar 3 7:30 PM|DET||


||Team|W|L|PCT| |:--:|:--|:--:|:--:|:--:| |1|Toronto|41|16|.719| |2|Boston|40|19|.678| |3|Cleveland|34|22|.607| |4|Washington|33|24|.579| |5|Indiana|33|25|.569| |6|Milwaukee|32|25|.561| |7|Philadelphia|30|25|.545| |8|Miami|30|28|.517| |9|Detroit|28|29|.491| |10|Charlotte|24|33|.421| |11|New York|23|36|.390| |12|Chicago|20|37|.351| |13|Brooklyn|19|40|.322| |14|Orlando|18|39|.316| |15|Atlanta|18|41|.305|

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