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  1. No underage participants. This doesn't mean you can't have loli/shota, you just can't have them performing illicit acts in the picture.

  2. All posts must be titled "hentai irl"

  3. Be nice

  4. You must post source in the comments, or else the post will be removed. A link does not need to be provided, but it would be nice. At the very least you must post the name of the source. E.g: Hentai Title.

  5. All posts must be expressive/relatable in nature.

  6. Direct links only, preferably hosted on imgur or gfycat.

  7. No screenshots of websites or social media, such as tweets, news articles, reddit, etc.

  8. No current political posts.

  9. Non-hentai content should be indistinguishable from actual hentai content. It's fine if it looks like hentai, otherwise, the post will be removed. Go to /r/animemes for anything else.

Also, be sure to drop by /r/wholesomehentai/ for some nice goodies if you're feel like depression isn't hitting the right spot anymore!

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