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Welcome to /r/hentaifemdom! This sub is for hentai and other drawn porn of BDSM related content with female dominance.

Post containing our white list.

Current rules:

• All forms of hentai are allowed, including western content, although the sub is mainly for anime style stuff.

• Futa, piss, loli and straight shota are allowed but must be tagged. For the time being we are not taking any complaints about loli and shota being posted on this sub. They're allowed here and that's all that matters.

• Scat and guro are banned for the time being.

• All rules are subject to change based on community feedback. We strive to be transparent with our moderation and listen to the community.

Recommended subs:

• /r/hentaibondage

Our friends:

• /r/AnimeBooty

• /r/CumHentai

• /r/FitDrawnGirls

• /r/StuckHentai

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