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Welcome to r/hentaivids. Browse, find, and share hentai, and help each other out with questions and answers.


Read the rules before posting. Rules make r/hentaivids into a fap worthy , clutter-less, and safe browsing experience.

The Rules wiki contains more details. Read the Posting section and the Flair section to see how to properly post and flair on r/hentaivids.

• Only videos

• No images

• No gifs

• No text posts (unless [reqq] or [meta] posts)

• Posting limits

• No links to spam sites (message me if a site prompts your anti-virus to go off or has a risky re-direct)

• Avoid having all your links be from one website

• No explicitly under-aged loli content. Details here

What can you post?

• [epp] is for hentai episodes, new and old, a link post.

• [reqq] is for requests, a text post.

• [idd] is for identifying, you have a link to the video, a link or text post.

• [meta] is for hentai/subreddit related discussions, no memes/shitpost.

Posting Properly wiki

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