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Welcome to /r/hentiny. The place for your petite needs!


  1. NO explicit loli! Please report any questionable content.

  2. Western art is allowed if of high quality. Western cartoon style is not.

  3. A Petite girl must be the focus of the post. Males and busty females are allowed as long as a petite girl is clearly the focus of the image.

  4. No yaoi or extreme fetishes (scat, vore, ect).

  5. No low quality content. If quality is poor (image quality or content) or if it doesn't fit the feel of the subreddit, it might get removed. If your post gets removed and you don't agree, please PM the mods.

  6. No re-post of any image in the top 25 (albums excluded) post of the subreddit or any image posted within the last month (30 days) - use this website to check if your image has already been posted.


We only allow certain sites to be linked to from the sub, so use imgur and these resources to ensure your post doesn't get removed.

Find the source of your favorite pics here:


Read the rules before joining please.

We also have other chats in our descriptions that might peak your interest as well!


Read the rules if you join, but feel free to chat, lurk, or post.

Other great subreddits:

  • /r/hentai
  • /r/ecchi
  • /r/pantsu
  • /r/awwnime
  • /r/kemonomimi

Any questions, concerns or compliments should be PMed to the mods. We'll gladly clear up any confusions!

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