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What is /r/hentiny?

> /r/hentiny is a subreddit dedicated to the smaller and more petite side of /r/hentai.

Content Guidelines


>Do not post links advertising other subreddits or content aggregation websites. X-posts, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We are not an advertisement platform. Patreon & Enty links are also counted for advertisement, so do not post these.

>Content creators are encouraged to message the moderation team for a more in-depth explanation.

>Underage Participants

>Underage Content will be removed at the discretion of the moderation team. All posts are subject to review. The moderation team will err on the side of caution. Blatant images will receive an immediate ban without warning.

>This subreddit is catered toward the more petite side of hentai, not lolicon.

>Submission Guidelines

>1. All content must be hosted on imgur. No exceptions.

>1. Western art is allowed if of high quality. Western cartoon style is not.

>2. A Petite girl must be the focus of the post. Males and busty females are allowed as long as a petite girl is clearly the focus of the image.

>3. No yaoi or extreme fetishes (scat, vore, ect).

>4. No low quality / low effort content. Examples being poor resolution images and the content in question.

>5. No re-posts of any image in the top 50 post of the subreddit or any image posted within the last 2 month (60 days) - use this website to check if your image has already been posted.


>Do not abuse the report button for something you don't like, only report things that you believe breaks our rules listed here. Reports on albums should ideally include the image number as well.

>Any Other Concern

>Message the moderators by clicking here if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or are contesting a ban. We welcome any feedback, but are not obligated to act upon messages.

>Messages asking for us to whitelist websites (especially for-profit) will be ignored, and incredibly likely to get you banned. Don't do it.

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Read the rules if you join, but feel free to chat, lurk, or post.

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