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History (/r/history)

Announcement: Welcome to /r/History, your connection to the past! If you see spam or spammers, please message the mods.

Announcement: Upcoming IAMA threads with persons of interest to /r/History:

  • None scheduled at this time.

Previous IAMA's done in /r/History.

Remember to check out all the other history subreddits:

The Rules

A) Respect and tolerance. No hate material, be it links or comments, are acceptable. All controversial or possibly insensitive materials should include a thorough bibliography of sources. History is not found on a single blog - track down your sources before you make proclamations.

B) When posting, find the most relevant source. Blogspam is not acceptable. Sometimes copy/pasting the first paragraph of an interesting blogspam post into Google will help you track down the original source. Also, please check the front page of the subreddit to see if that topic has already be submitted and discussed recently.

C) Responding to each other is a key part of discourse - do it with respect.

D) If you are having a problem with this subreddit, write to the mods through modmail with a full description of the issue as well as relevant links (to problematic comments, bad links, etc).

E) Spamming is always unacceptable. When in doubt, ask.

F) Downvote for irrelevancy, low content, or unhelpful content. Upvote for rich and interesting content. Please don't report stuff just because you disagree with it.

G) Images need to be submitted via self/text posts! Include context, explanation, and some links if possible.

H) Need help with homework or an assignment? We will remove anything deemed too blatant a request to do your work / research for you.

I) Excessive reposts may be considered spam. Please do at least a rudimentary search to see whether something's been submitted before. We will be particularly nasty about this with videos.

J) No politics! Submissions that are overtly political will be removed; political topics are only acceptable if discussed in a historical context.. This is entirely at the moderators' discretion and violators will be fed to the bear.

K) Mark NSFW/NSFL/gore/violent/whatever content as such. Some of us have delicate dispositions, oh my...(or we're, like, at work.)

L) Last but not least, please always remember that we are only human and can't keep track of all discussions. We rely on you, dear reader, to report violations of the rules to us. We actively check our moderation queue and mod messages, but can't read minds (yet). Help us make this a better forum!

All rules are subject to the discretion of the moderators.

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