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Archaeologists of new

/r/History is a place for discussions about history. Feel free to submit interesting articles, tell us about this cool book you just read, or start a discussion about who everyone's favorite figure of minor French nobility is!

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An introduction to /r/history

Subreddit rules:

  1. Be nice!
    Personal attacks, abusive language, trolling or bigotry in any form is not allowed and will be removed. No hate material, be it submissions or comments, are accepted.
  2. No politics or soapboxing.
    Submissions that are overtly political will be removed; political topics are only acceptable if discussed in a historical context. Comments should discuss a historical topic, not advocate an agenda. This is entirely at the moderators' discretion and violators will be fed to the bear.
  3. Post in the right subreddit.
    Direct image links belong in /r/historyporn, specific questions go to /r/askhistorians, and homework questions go to /r/homeworkhelp. Obvious personal blogs, history journals, academic publications you've worked on and want to post multiple updates from should go into /r/historyblogs. Link submissions that follow the "this day XX years ago XX happened" should go in /r/thisdayinhistory. These submission types will be removed from /r/history.
  4. Follow the rules of reddit.
    Don't spam, manipulate votes, doxx, or post illegal content.
  5. Post from the original site.
    Spam is not acceptable. Blogspam, if it is original content should go into /r/historyblogs.
  6. Follow reddiquette and remember the human.
  7. Comments should be on-topic and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.
  8. When submitting link posts, leave a description, in a comment, following your submission.
    Focus on the quality, subject, authority, etc. Be the one that starts the discussion!
  9. Self Posts require a descriptive body text.
    When submitting a self post you should expand a little bit on the title in order to get the discussion started. For example: When submitting a question you can expand on what motivated you to ask the question.
  10. This is an actively moderated subreddit, calls will be made at the moderator's discretion.

Our rules explained in-depth

Subreddit guidelines:

  1. Use that report button!
    In the end, we rely on you, the users, to ensure this subreddit works. If you see something that violates these rules, Please Report It! If you have questions or concerns, please message us via the mod mail feature.
  2. Try to avoid reposting by using reddit's search function.
  3. Downvote for irrelevancy, low content, or unhelpful content. Upvote for rich and interesting content.
  4. Titles of links should accurately describe the content, and not be sensationalized or misleading. Rule of thumb: for serious articles the original headline often is the best choice. When in doubt message the mods before submitting your link.
  5. Blogspam: If you run a history website, or work with a historical publication and want to publish repeat posts from there, put them in /r/historyblogs

Our guidelines explained in-depth

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Date | Sub | Title | Person |:---|:---|:---|:--- |||| |Monday, August 3: 6pm CET, noon EDT, 11am CDT, 9am ET.| history | The Great War-YouTube Channel | Indy Neidell

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