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Pics that make you go hmmm...

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Pics that make you go hmmm...


  1. All titles must be hmmm

  2. No hmmms that depend on text

  3. No porn, gore, explicit shots or gross-out images

  4. NSFW posts are ok but should be artistic

  5. Gifs should be posted to /r/hmmmgifs

  6. No memes, comics or watermarked stock photos

  7. Use imgur/reddit for hosting

guide to a good hmmm

hmmms are images that make you think about the context, do a double take, invoke a deeper meaning, or just leave you thinking about how or why they exist:

As long as they give you a good solid hmmm... why would that bear be in a cubicle...

If you're not sure if it's hmmm, have a browse of the top content. Photoshops and art are welcome.

Quality guide:

  • Try and use hq images
  • You can reverse image search to find better quality versions
  • Crop out parts of the image that don't contribute anything
  • Avoid pics that are trying too hard
  • Posts may be removed if they're not hmmm enough

the hmmmpire

  • /r/hmmmgifs


  • /r/rarepuppers
  • /r/Drama
  • /r/ayylmao
  • /r/wholesomememes
  • /r/MemeEconomy
  • /r/kevbo

good sources for hmmms

If you have other suggestions, feel free to modmail.

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