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Where hockey players come to share tips, advice, highlights or just to rant

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A place to learn about the great game of hockey. Share ways to improve your skills, hockey highlights, discuss the game, coaching resources and more.

  • Please keep things geared towards playing (rather than watching) hockey.

  • We have a policy against low quality posts such as memes, macros, 'MRW' etc.

  • Be civil. Personal insults are not tolerated here.

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Commonly Asked Questions


> BEGINNERS GUIDE How to get started playing hockey * Hockey Terms - On the Ice

># > EQUIPMENT GUIDES Skates Skate Sharpening Shin Pads Pants Helmets Cages and Visors Gloves Sticks Goalie equipment guide * General equipment guide

># > PLAYING HOCKEY pre-game warm up * Positioning - Wingers - Defensive Zone

># > Hockey Workouts Free - The Program - Gary Roberts and Nike Free - Only Hockey Training - collection of workouts $20 a month - HockeyOT - Creates full workouts, specifically for your needs


How To Hockey

Beer League Tips

Learn how to skate

How to shoot - Fundamentals

Hockey equipment reviews

Hockey Strategies

R/HockeyPlayers Discord



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