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Hold My Beaker

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A subreddit for the posting of ''scientists'' doing ~~dangerous~~ awesome shit.

Welcome to r/holdmybeaker

  • It is highly recommended that you cue your videos to start close to the interesting part of the video. To further help your fellow scientists consider making a .gif of the video and posting in the comments. Information on how to do that can be found here


  • 1: Follow reddit's site wide rules found here.

  • 2: No posts or comments that are harassment of any individual, subreddit, or other entity.

  • 3: No gore, porn (including sexually graphic images), life threatening injuries, or animals dead or alive.

  • 4: Post must be science related, it does not have to end in failure but has to have a high probability for it to happen.

  • 5: No screencaps of posts from websites (e.g. 4chan, tumblr or reddit).

  • 6: All links must have either low and unobtrusive ad content or no ad content.

  • 7: No spamming, promotional material, or bots.

  • 8: No blatantly re-hosted content.

  • 9: Be excellent to each other!

  • For extended explanation of the rules please read here


  • 1: Reposts will not be removed, just tagged as such.

  • 2: If you see a post that doesn't follow these rules, report it and the mods will take care of it (e.g. Properly mark post as a repost).

  • 3: Interpretation of the rules, guidelines and all content posted is at the discretion of the moderators.

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  • Subscript: H2SO4 is written by typing H*_2_*SO*_4_*

  • Superscript: Fe^(2+) is written by typing Fe\^(2+) or Fe*`2+`*

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