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"Hey man, hold my beer. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or injury.

Posting guidelines:| :--| I. Posts must include an example of a "hold my beer" moment. If the person in the video is a professional, or the feat occurs in a controlled environment, it likely isn't a "hold my beer" moment. Failure isn't required, but the high risk of failure should be present. | II. No death, extreme injury or gore, or harm to animals. You will be banned. If it's NSFW please tag it as such.| III. No reposts from /r/holdmybeer that are in the top 100 posts or less than 4 months old. You can check for them here. Violators of rule 3 will receive a 3 day ban to sober up.| IV. No drinking warm beer. Beer must be chilled to at least 43°F before being consumed.| V. Please report links and/or comments that go against these guidelines and message the moderators a reason. We will be keeping moderation at a minimum, so if the link or comment isn't reported, it may not get removed. | VI. No memes, politics, low effort posts, spam, agendas, or witch hunting. Don't be a dick. You will be banned.|

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