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A Carnival of Catnip Chaos!

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/r/holdmybeer: catnip edition!


  1. Post domestic housecats doing weird things, interesting things, or making poor decisions that could be the result of their undeniable love of catnip.

  2. Since "action" seems to best illustrate catnip craziness, animated gifs, gyphys, or videos are very, VERY prefurred over still images. The best posts should also have a clever or funny caption, because I get bored and would like something to laugh at.

  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

  4. Cats must remain alive, and relatively undamaged. Extreme feline embarrassment is, of course, hilarious.

  5. Reposts are fine, if more than 8 months have elapsed, and as long as you use an interesting and/or funnier new title.

  6. Mindless Cat., Cat., Cat., chains are strongly forbidden, because we think they're stupid and will not be tolerated here. Brutal reprisals and/or banning may result. (Added: 3/13/16)

  7. There are other rules, but they are far too bewildering to list here. You'll just have to trust meow. (No Instagram, Twitter)

Tashre is forgiven. But only because he inspired the subreddit name.

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