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Hold my fries while I...

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How this subreddit works:

  1. All post should start with the "HMF" format.

  2. Posts should include an example of a "hold my fries" moment. The person in the post must be fat while doing something, or trying to perform a feat. DO NOT just post a picture of a fat person.

  3. No death, extreme injury or gore, or harm to animals. You will be banned. If it's NSFW please tag it as such.

  4. No reposts from /r/HoldMyFries that are in the top 100 posts or less than 3 months old. You can check for them here. Violators of will receive a 3 day ban.

  5. This is meant to be a casual sub, please don't take everything seriously. Though, telling anyone to "kill themselves" or eliciting harm to another will result in a 3 day ban. Their cholesterol is probably doing that already.

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