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Hold my Juice box!

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Don't harass people.

Do not post personal information on anybody - especially the children in the post.

No posts of children street fighting.

Any type of child pornography will be removed and will result a permanent ban from the subreddit (and most likely all of reddit).

No reposts.

If it is NSFW, please say so.

This subreddit is for pictures, videos and GIFs of children attempting things, but failing at it because of their lack of judgement or limited physical abilities. If it doesn't have anything to do with what we are going for here, it will be removed. This includes posts that could be defined as 'cute.'

Please make sure that the content you want to post here stars children about 2-14 years of age. If you don't know their age, make sure they look young enough to be on this subreddit.

Posts must begin with: 'HMJB'

Credit to /u/xJayHawkx for the inspiration!

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/r/holdmyteeth - for the elderly!




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