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10/10, would review again

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About Us

  • This is a place for any and every online (or offline) product review that makes you chuckle, cringe, or remember just how "creative" some people truly are. Born on June 2nd of 2013 from a product review post that deserved a place to call home, this subreddit is now a haven for product reviews everywhere. So get subscribed, get involved, and enjoy your stay at the one and only /r/humorousreviews.


  1. No databases. This means no "Website/page of funny reviews" posts; only submit individual reviews or the work of one reviewer. Posting multiple links instead of one 'catch-all' link keeps the front page constantly fresh, new and updated.

  2. For screenshot submissions, link either to the product's home page (if you're showing multiple reviews) or to one particular review (via the review's permalink).

  3. Reposts of upper-level "Top" posts or posts submitted in the last 30 days will be removed.

  4. When posting screenshots, include a link to the review with your post in the comments (if possible).

  5. Videos that are intentionally parodying review videos/unboxing videos/etc. will be removed.

  • Use spoiler tags with brackets followed by (/spoiler):
  • "Surprises are awesome!"

  • If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for improvement, just message the mods. That's what we're here for.

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