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Do NOT mess with these tough people.

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People trying too hard to appear tough, strong, brave, heroic.


  1. No memes/image macros/shirts/decals/bumper stickers (shirts found in public are permitted).

  2. Remove personal information (including reddit usernames, even your own). Public figures are fair game.

  3. Don't post trolls.

  4. Don't post arguments.

  5. Avoid "if it was me I would do so and so!!". Allowed if they are really good.

  6. Posts with repetitive/bad titles will be removed.

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  • r/GirlsDancingAwkwardly: many times it's even better!

  • r/IAmVerySmart: because you are.

  • r/IDecidetheContext: you decide the context of any photo (it's ok, we trust you).

  • r/ComedyCemetery: when humor fails.

  • r/OopsDidntMeanTo: people pretending they didn't deliberately do it.

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