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I Have Sex

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  1. Featured person should be having lots of sex.
  2. He or she should dispense incredible sexual advice.
  3. Mark your post NSFW if necessary.
  4. Obscure any personal information. This includes last names. Notable public figures are excluded from this rule.
  5. Don't submit direct links, to reddit or otherwise.
  6. Submissions from gender-hating subs are low hanging fruit, and strongly discouraged.
  7. No reposts within the past three months or from the top 30 submissions of all time.


  • /r/iamverysmart
  • /r/facepalm
  • /r/cringe
  • /r/iamverybadass
  • /r/OopsDidntMeanTo
  • /r/trashy
  • /r/oversharing

Completely unrelated but awesome: r/mma and r/sexymma

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