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DAE liek le me-me? (Only 90's kids)

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1: Respect mah athorotay

2: 24/7 cirlc jark

3: Respect mah athorotay

4: HoneyBadgers_Forever = stopid

5: No Schlummies in the Uppercity.

how vaz i suposed to kno dat /r/iam14andthisisfunny alred exist haha xDDDD

altho /r/14yearoldatheists an /r/im14andthisisWTF

fer all dose idet adolts, go 2 /r/im28andthisisfunny

if u fele... u kno go 2 /r/Im14AndThisIsNSFW 4 som gud stuf

fer mor imaturite go 2 /r/DailyDoseOfImmaturity

u want 2 ama? Xd go 2 /r/im14andthisisama

4 historee of teh NSA, go 2 /r/Im14andthisisHistory

cah a dooty metups an playdates @ /r/im14andthisisgaming

incest = wincest an dont 4getit

/r/Im14andthisisdadjokes becuz it hasnt ben done b4 now

/r/omgsoartsy #sepia #glow #coloraberation

/r/im14andthisisdeep hao can 69 b rael if ur mum is 9001 lbs

/r/GoldReplies - Because fuck you

/r/im14andthisis14 - good shit

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