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Humor is shameful.

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This subreddit is dedicated to discussing and sharing examples of low brow, childish, immature humor being highly upvoted throughout reddit and other media(sitcoms, talk shows, other websites). This subreddit is not meant to glorify or post original shitposts, nor is it meant for shitposting.


  1. If you're linking directly to a post, make sure to use the no-participation subdomain.

  2. This subreddit is not for images of Bengay or a receipt totalling to $4.20, it's for commentary on immature humor that is highly upvoted.

  3. Make sure the post you link to has at least 20 upvotes, ideally well in the thousands. Remember, we're looking for highly upvoted garbage, not just garbage rotting at +/- 1.

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