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This is a place to share screenshots of Indian and other non-English speaking internet users discovering the wonders of Facebook and other social media!

>###Subreddit Rules

  1. Block out names and other identifying information. Blurred out names are often still readable, so be sure to block them out completely.

  2. While the name of this sub is /r/indianpeoplefacebook, you are encouraged to post screenshots of all sorts of non-English speaking facebook users, not only Indians.

  3. R is forbidden. While the scope of this sub dictates that we are making fun of people with minimal comprehension of the English language and the resultant culture barriers, we don't allow racial slurs or any other forms of discrimination.

  4. Please be respectful, follow reddit's site-wide rules and reddiquette.

  5. We urge you to upload English language content, as the overwhelming majority of redditors only speak English. When a screenshot is not in English, please add a translation in the original image.

  6. Please refrain from posting satire/people mocking or impersonating non-Anglophone social media users.

  7. No reposts! Reposts are banned. Submit them, and you could be banned also.


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