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indie music

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/r/indie is the place to share and discuss indie music.


  • No posting songs from well known bands. All posts of this kind will be removed. New or lesser known releases are welcome.

  • Are you an artist? Feel free to post your music. Just don't start spamming the subreddit with it

  • Please use the following format when submitting a song."Artist name - song name [Genre] - info". Please also add what year/decade it came out using the flair drop down menu once you have submitted your post

  • No blog/Youtube spam!. If possible only link to artists content directly.

  • New music Mondays! Only artists that have never been submitted before are to be posted.

  • No memes, screenshots, or pictures of text. These belong in /r/MusicPics.

  • Only link to legitimate sources. Links to pirated content will be removed.


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