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Indieheads: Reddit's Indie Music Community

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The latest albums, videos, news, and anything else indie music related from your favorite artists.


Please Read the full rules before posting.

1 - Posting to the subreddit requires you to follow the Reddiquette and Content Policy guidelines.

2 - We are purposely vague on a definition of indie or on outlining what artists are allowed to be posted here, but in general music and news from Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/Metal artists are not allowed. Ask the moderators before posting if you are unsure if it belongs or not.

3 - Only Music or Videos released within the last week can be submitted as links, and search beforehand to check if it has been posted already. A direct links to a free streaming site is required. Title of link must follow '[Tag] artist - title of song/project' format, with [Tag] being one of the following:

  • [FRESH] - For newly released songs
  • [FRESH VIDEO]- For new releases of music videos (or some other sort of video project), but when the audio has already been released
  • [FRESH STREAM] - For when before the release date, a project is put up on a streaming service.
  • [FRESH ALBUM]- For when a project officially releases on streaming services and online stores. Replace Album with EP, Single, Mixtape. etc. when appropriate.
  • [ORIGINAL] - For music you or someone close to you (eg. friend, sibling) created (see Reddit's guidelines on self promotion).

4 - Any news submission should be the most up to date story at the time and the original source.

5 - We do not allow links to reviews, your playlists, Pictures/Memes, or off topic material.

6 - Text Posts should be either high quality material or eliciting discussion. We will remove threads that are simple questions/discussion starters, asking for recommendations, selling tickets/other goods, and download code giveaways (put them in the daily music discussion).

7 - Do not post illegal streams or downloads of songs/albums. Asking for a PM or posting instructions on how you can get it is also prohibited. If an album does leak, you can make a text post with a title of '[LEAK] Artist - Album or Song that leaked', where you can discuss the leak.

Weekly Schedule

check out the Daily Music Discussion every day of the week!

Mo - General Discussion, Genre Playlist Voting, Top Ten Results

Tu - Weekly Pickups, Top Ten Tuesday, For Your Consideration

We - General Discussion, Live Music Discussion

Th - Throwback Thursday, (bi)Weekly Suggestions

Fr - What have you been listening to?, New Music Friday

Sa - General Discussion

Su - Weekly Suggestions, Genre Playlist Results

Additionally on weekends self posts that would otherwise be considered low quality discussion are allowed.

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