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Internet Parents

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Ask the internet about things your parents never taught you.

How it was made?

Originally conceived by /u/MamaFrankie, this thread is where the sub was born.


Welcome to /r/internetparents, generally a place for teenagers to ask "internet parents" questions about the world, usually because they were never told or were too afraid to ask. Remember, this is not a strict rule. It doesn't matter your age, or if you're a parent. Ask (and answer) away!

The Rules

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| | | |-|-| |Don't feel you need to include personal information. | Don't ask and don't give unless you feel comfortable doing it.| | Include a description. | When answering a question or giving advice, be sure to include a small description of how you came to learn what you're giving advice on. Be it education or experience. This way we'll both get more elaborate answers and less hasty conclusions and "gut"-feelings, which can sometimes lead to bad advice. | | Any (serious) question about life goes. | Be it paying the bills, getting a job or figuring out how to come out to your parents. | | Remember to be respectful. | It's okay to ask how much they initially know but don't talk down to someone because of their level of knowledge. We're all here to learn and to share the knowledge. | | Avoid political discussions. | This is a subreddit where teenagers can come to learn, not talk politics. Unless the question is directly related, avoid politics. | | Avoid moral arguments. | No flamewars over morals, please. |

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