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IronicSigns: Reddit's treasure trove for ironic signs.

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Do you like irony? Well we have great news for you! You're now in the middle of a treasure trove of irony! Feel free to take a look around and submit a comment or post.


Read the rules in the sidebar before posting anything. Rule violating posts may be removed.

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  • No situational irony.

  • Abide by the site rules.

  • Only actual signs. Photoshopped or home-made signs are generally not allowed here as they're considered too easy. We wish to challenge our users to submit content here to submit good quality content.

  • If you'd like to submit situational irony or view other funny signs/situations, check out /r/IronicSituations and /r/FunnySigns.*

  • Don't repost

* Direct image links only. This is so the images will open here on reddit.

Other important stuff:

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  • Need to message the mods? Click here to message us. No, we don't bite.

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