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This is NOT a 'national subreddit', but rather a general-interest subreddit for Japan and some related topics. Very few of our subscribers are Japanese. As a general rule we remove posts asking for opinions about what Japanese people think about various subjects.


Use /r/japantravel for questions/posts related to your vacation or short-term stay, including travelblogs etc.

The list of Related Subreddits has been moved to the Wiki

Before posting, search first to see if your question has been asked before or check one of the following subreddits:

Photo submissions: /r/japanpics

Questions for travel to and within Japan: /r/japantravel

Questions about teaching English: /r/teachinginjapan or /r/jetprogramme/

Questions about moving to Japan: /r/movingtojapan

Questions regarding life in Japan are more likely to find better answers in /r/japanlife

Questions related to the Japanese language: /r/learnjapanese (translation requests belong in /r/translator)

Having stuff shipped from Japan: Tenso

Related Subreddits: the list has been moved to the Wiki because it's really long

Link Submission Rules

  • Reposts & multiple threads on the same topic, especially current events, will be deleted.

  • Low-effort posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned. If you have a simple question, your first stop should be Google, not here.

  • In general, threads which should be posted in a more relevant subreddit (see list above) will be removed. This especially applies to travel photos/questions and language/translation questions.

  • Posts with no relation to Japan, posts not written in English, posts with vague/clickbait titles, spam (including affiliate links), and posts intended for personal gain (including crowdfunding links) will also be removed.

  • Whenever possible, a moderator or AutoMod will leave a comment in a deleted thread explaining why it has been removed. If you believe your post has been removed in error, contact the moderators.

  • Vlogs/travel videos/low-quality viral vids are not allowed. Try /r/japanvids, /r/jvlog, /r/moronarmy, /r/japantravel, or /r/videos.

  • Requests for candy, etc from Japan should go to /r/snackexchange

  • No shitposting/memes allowed (try /r/WTFJapan instead or /r/japancirclejerk if you dare)

The following rules apply to both links and comment submissions

  • No fear-/hate-mongering, harassment, shitposting, or soliciting/encouraging illegal activity. Repeat offenders may be banned.

  • Do not post personal information, whether it belongs to you or someone else.

  • Reddit automatically removes comments with URL shorteners ( etc), it's not us.

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