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Let's talk Japanese music.

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Let's talk Japanese music. The goal is to be as far-reaching as possible, so that we can all share in our knowledge of the best music that Japan has to offer. Maybe you're a fan of classic rock? Or hip-hop? Contemporary pop? Traditional music? Noise and other experiments? You name it: we're interested.


  1. Be kind.

  2. No lyrics translation requests.

  3. No requests for or sharing of unauthorized download links.


  1. Music submitted to this subreddit must be created in or for the Japanese music scene/industry. Simply singing in Japanese or sampling Japanese music does not meet this criterion.

  2. No karaoke or instrument covers. Additionally, covers must be of Japanese music AND performed by artists in the Japanese music scene/industry.

  3. Do not submit more than one link by the same artist per day.

  4. Please tag your posts according to the following guidelines.

MUSIC AND PV LINKS: please use one genre and one year tags. Keep them general, for searchability:

Example: Artist - Song [genre][year]

tricot - POOL [Math Rock][2013]

GENERAL CONTENT: should have only one of the following tags at the front of the title:

[Info]: Self-explanatory. Includes news, tour announcements, resources for finding music, etc.

[Discussion]: self-posts of open-forum questions, debates, discussions. Inactive or generally one word response posts will be moderated.

[Review] Link to an album or concert review, or write your own!

[List]: Personal top 10s or any other list you find or make!

[Article]: More in-depth, informational links

[Help]: Can't remember an album/song? Need a music recommendation? Want to request a review? Use this versatile tag!


[Help] Can someone recommend me some good Punk?

[Discussion] Let's talk about The Pillows' latest album!

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