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Expats in Japan

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This is the subreddit for people who are both settling and living in Japan. This sub covers everything from visas to housing to hobbies, and more.





1. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST!!!!! Your question may have been already been answered, either in an earlier post or in our wiki. If you ask a question that has been answered, especially recently, it will be removed. Reddit's internal search function is not ideal, go to Google, type in your keywords plus this -

1a. This subreddit is for people who live in Japan. If you don't live in Japan and aren't moving to Japan in the near future, please don't ask questions in this subreddit.

1b. No, you are not the first person to ask a question about finding a job, cellphone provider, or visa. There is also a 95% chance that someone has already asked it, which is why you should search for it first.

1c. If you see old, outdated, or missing information from the wiki, please feel free to contribute!

2. To maintain optimal sub quality, we have a /u/AutoModerator-based filter that categorizes certain posts and prevents spam. The filter is not perfect, and sometimes your post or comment may get stuck in the filter. If it's been at least one hour and you still can't see your post, please message the mods, and if it doesn't break the rules, we'll approve it.

3. This is a family-friendly sub. Please follow standard reddiquette when posting. Posts that have any of the following features:

  • Brigading, or crossposting from/to a sub that involves drama or other circlejerking (if we have to explain this you're probably already banned).
  • Personal information (ex. social media accounts, home addresses, personal phone numbers)
  • Circlejerking or excessive trolling
  • Rude, offensive, insulting, or otherwise anti-social behavior towards others
  • Posts that have no context or any effort made to provide it
  • Off-topic content for this sub (ex. "what's my name in kanji", "pls recommend an anime")
  • Spam (including self-promotion), links to explicit material, or malware
  • Links to any blogs/vlogs, videos, or articles about Japan (news and clickbait)
  • Posts from recently created throwaway accounts (<1 day)
  • Posts that are not marked NSFW when they should be

will be filtered or removed. Repeating offenders will be banned. Please report any posts that violate the above rules.

4. We're not craigslist, so if you want to make a for-sale post, this is not the place to do it. If you think your salable item is of particular relevance to the community, please do message the mods first!


Local subreddits

  • /r/Tokyo
  • /r/Nagoya
  • /r/Kyoto
  • /r/Osaka
  • /r/Fukuoka
  • /r/Okinawa


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