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Cats and their jelly bean toes

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Jellybean toes!

The best part about cats is their cute little foot pads. They look just like jelly beans!

While this subreddit is primarily for cats toes, other animal toes are allowed as long as they are cute and jellybean-like. Permitted animals include any felines or canines, as well as bears, weasels, raccoons, and other animals with foot-pads. No human toes are allowed.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Please upload your picture directly to reddit or imgur. Submissions hosted elsewhere won't be visible until approved by a moderator.

  • Reposts are discouraged. Recent posts (within the last 3 months) and Top Posts may be removed. These common reposts will also be removed.

  • Memes and captioned images will be removed.

  • Implying ownership of animals that are not yours may result in post removal or even a permanent ban.

  • Do not post personal information (this includes Facebook links as it can be easily traced back).

  • Aside from these specifics, follow reddiquette, be nice to each other, and have fun!

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