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When Reddit Goes Too Far

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These rules must be followed, or your post will be removed.

  1. All content must be of shocking, yet humorous nature. Simple dirty jokes, offensive quips, or serious (as in completely non-humorous) shocking content are not allowed.

  2. Links must be posts to Reddit. Screenshots are not accepted anymore.

  3. If the post that the comment you are linking to was posted on is NSFW, please mark your post as NSFW.

  4. Links need to end with ?&context=[X] ([X] being the number for the context). If you're not sure about how to do this, Click here.

  5. Change links to begin with to help discourage brigades and witch-hunts. Be sure not to just add "np.", replace "www." with it. It won't work correctly otherwise.

  6. Anyone participating in brigades, witch-hunts, or other forms of harassment will be banned in accordance with Reddit's rules.

  7. Posts will be removed at moderators’ discretion. This doesn't mean we’ll remove everything that isn't funny or shocking enough in our opinion, but quality standards will be upheld, regardless of upvotes.

  8. You cannot post linking to your own comments.

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