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Tags are a 1-5 rating of how dark the story is. The following are the guidelines for how these scores are determined:

1 - LIGHT: usually a comedy, not supposed to be taken very seriously

2 - MED LIGHT: a fun and light-hearted tale

3 - MED: a good balance between seriousness and weight

4 - MED DARK: about more serious topics, usually has dark undertones

5 - DARK: stories dealing with very heavy themes such as depression, death, insanity, etc.

Most posts will be from /r/writingprompts but some will be BONUS STORIES. Those are basically my thanks for you being my reader. They are more polished stories that I work on independent of Reddit.

Check out the stickied post for an organized list of some of my stories.

Check out the wiki if you want to know my personal story.

I hope you enjoy your time here! Cheers my friends.

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