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Women of the East with a little extra oomph

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A subreddit devoted to Asian ladies that have a little more "juice" than the average. Big tits, big butts and well-fed thick women only.

So as long as the Asian babe is more luscious than most, soft and hardcore pics or videos of her are welcome here.


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Direct Links Please link directly to the photo wherever possible, preferably using imgur or any other similar service

Model IDs Know the model's name? Please include it somewhere in your submission (it's okay if you don't know the name)

Self Posts are allowed and encouraged

What’s an Asian? For the sake of this subreddit, if the model has at least 50% East Asian ancestry, they count regardless of how they look.

Do models from India or Russia count? Technically these countries are in Asia but unless they meet the above criteria, no, we’re after East Asians.

Keep it Juicy! And most importantly, make sure the model you are posting is juicy enough for this subreddit. Posts of petite women with flat chests or tiny butts will be removed.


  • Disrespect of the mods will not be tolerated
  • Racist comments will not be tolerated


These are generally ignored because 99% of the time people are just wasting our time with false reports, expressions of personal opinion etc. However, if a posts gets more than 3 reports, we will look into it. If you have a real issue with a particular post, please message the mods directly and we'll investigate further.

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