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Kansas City: Paris of the Plains

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> Community Created Guides

> BBQ Megathread From Feb 2018

> BBQ Megathread From Oct 2013

> Worst BBQ

> Food guide

> Things to do

> Tour of Kansas City

> The go-to thread for our pets

> Where do I live Spring 2017


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Kansas City Links

Kansas City Food Trucks (Twitter list)

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Jackson County Events

Power & Light Events/Shopping/Restaurants Directory

Plaza Events/Shopping/Restaurants Directory

Westport Events/Shopping/Restaurants Directory


> Upcoming Events and Meetups

>> Join the facebook group since that is often used to schedule meetups.

>> Many of us get together for trivia every Tuesday night at Gambal's in Westport at 8pm.

>> KC Reddit Chat: Join us in the KC Reddit Chat. Chat with real KC Redditors today. You won't regret it until you do. Join #r/kansascity on freenode.

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