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Hi! My name is Keri

I'm a 36 year old MILF American camgirl/artist/model who loves to post free OC frequently, simply for the love of bone. This is the place to see the exclusive stuffs.

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I work on ManyVids, Clips4Sale & Chaturbate I sell products like custom videos & photos, panties & socks, even original artwork! I made this sub to post whatever I want basically.. it's a place for me to not only advertise and sell my goods (lol, goods)-- but a place to freely share and express my boundless love with the wonderful world of Reddit. Please do- join in to take a peek at my personal life, interests, and yes-- my bits.

DONATE HERE, my Patreon


Is to continue building my solo business, and eventually start producing content for other girls-- find and make stars, and work with them. Help them grow into something great!


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feel free to contact me for any serious requests for custom projects of any kind :)

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