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r/KillTheCameraman: The place for videos shot by horrendous cameramen.

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Here you can see videos of interesting/entertaining things but the cameraman is doing such a bad job you want to physically hurt him. Whether it is sideways recordings, cameramen with parkinson, videos with horrible focus or where the cameraman has a zoom fetish, it can all be published and shared here. So we, the impeccable cameramen, together may judge the footage.

Guidelines for posting

  1. Your Submission must be fotage of something you actually want to see.
  2. If the cameraman is acting like an asshole an therefore should be killed guidelines 1 and 4 can be overlooked.
  3. If the video is NSFW make sure to tag it as such.
  4. The bad footage must be a result of bad camerawork, not bad editing or a live performance were bad camera angles are shown.
  5. The video must be filmed an incompetent way, making it hard for you to pay attention to what the videos content. examples:

  6. Shaky camera

  7. Zooming and losing focus
  8. Failing to keep what is being filmed in frame
  9. Ending the film way too early
  10. Filming upright/vertical


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