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This is a satirical sub dedicated to mocking people who wish unnecessary violence or death upon others for petty reasons. Typically such people display a disturbing lack of empathy and an off-putting self-important attitude. One example would be someone wishing Justin Beiber- a frequent target of these posts- got into a car crash just because the person doesn't like his music.

DO (A)
  1. Post overly dramatic incidents in which people greatly exaggerate their dislike for a person, opinion or phenomena to the point of desiring their deaths or cessations.

  2. Discuss the reasons why people have such violent attitudes.

  3. Report posts that break the rules and message the mods with a reason as to why the post was reported.

  4. Block out all personal info (Including usernames, profile pics, or anything that could be googled/reverse image searched)

  5. Use imgur/ as your image host. Other image hosts will be subject to removal.

  1. Post meta links. If you want to post something from Reddit, then screencap it.

  2. Encourage vote brigading. It is okay to post the content source in the comment thread, but asking other users to upvote or downvote a post is not allowed and can result in a ban from this sub.

  3. Post cringe material that is unrelated to the desire for unnecessary violence. Users should report irrelevant content.

  4. Create new content for this sub or post satire.

  5. Request the mods for flairs. Use the Ktwd Flair Request Form instead.

  6. Actually kill people.

  7. Be an asshole

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