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The Reddit For Landscapers

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This is not a place to advertise your company. Blatant advertisement posts will be deleted. Please do not waste your time, and please do not waste our time.

Have a question for a landscaper? Ask us! Finish a cool project? Show us! This subreddit is for any and all landscaping related content.

When asking for help with a project, please include the following to help us out:

  • Location - We need to know what the weather is like, seasonal differences, etc.
  • Soil Conditions - Is it sandy, clay, well drained?
  • Which side of your house - Different plants and building techniques are used on different sides of your house because of the shadow it casts.
  • Budget - Knowing how much you can spend will help us direct our suggestions.
  • Your experience level - Are you a seasoned landscaper comfortable using the most powerful tools? Or are you just getting started and could use some help with the basics?
  • Pictures - If you are able to provide pictures of your area in question, a style you are describing, or any other helpful info in visual form, please do so.

Are you a professional landscaper? Send a message to the mods with verification of your username on your business card, letterhead, etc, and we'll give you a PRO flair in this subreddit. Users with PRO flair will be added to the user list of LandscapingPRO, our sister subreddit for professionals. Please include a state and country to use in your flair.

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