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The last images ever taken.

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No humorous or mean spirited comments at the expense of the victim.

About Us

These are the last known photographs or videos of a person. At times, last words from a text, Tweet, Facebook post, etc. may fit the bill, if it gives what appears to be or is believed to be the last or close to last thoughts of a person. Also, the last picture taken by a person just before their death is acceptable as well.


  1. Provide full context.
  2. No gore.
  3. Posts can be about anyone, not just famous people.
  4. No pets / animals.
  5. No humorous or mean spirited posts at the expense of the victim.
  6. Users will be permabanned.
  7. One event per post.
  8. No compilation posts.
  9. Check the search bar.

For a full descriptive list of the rules please read the wiki.

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