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Leak Threads!

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  • Welcome to /r/leakthreads! We are a leak discussion community! While we allow links, we do not support policy! Please support the artists you are listening to by buying the album, and downloading material you have legally downloaded!

What is a Leak?

  • A leak is any material that has been post online, that was not meant to be posted online. Wether it be accidentally by large music companies, or by a smaller walmart employee ripping CD's. Any content posted before an album official is released, is a leak. Any material posted after the release of an album is not a leak and will be removed.


  • Comments that do not follow these rules will be removed!
    1. Be respectful to other users and artists at all times! This means respecting posted opinions and thoughts; you may not share the same opinion, but do not be rude to those who do not share your same opinion.
    1. Posts about leaked content that have not been leaked content will be removed! This includes material that has been previously released, or is upcoming. This also includes making threads solely on asking for certain album links.
    1. Posts about upcoming albums/movies that haven't leaked yet are not allowed. If you'd like to ask if they've leaked, go to the weekly sticky thread and ask there. Do not post links or discussions about non-leaked material to the a new thread.
    1. We are not a link sharing platform. This is a place to discuss leaks. With that said we do allow PM requests and links in the OP text area as well as child comments under the Automod parent comment in each thread. Posting a thread to ask for a link, or asking for links or PMs in unapproved areas can result in a ban.** This allows people to discuss the leak without links and requests cluttering the thread.
    1. Links must be a direct source to a download. No websites with links to file sharing services. Only direct links are allowed. Any links that are not a direct source to a download will be removed. This is not a place to use to direct traffic to your ad-filled website. People who repeatedly post links to non-direct websites can and will be banned.

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