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Leak Threads!

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Welcome to /r/leakthreads! The place to discuss all music leaks; keep in mind a leak is the release of music content that was not intended by the albums artist or label company. Feel free to post and discuss, but please read the rules!



  1. Please be respectful of everyone; everyone has different musical tastes, just becasue you disagree doesnt mean you can threaten/harass/make fun of other subscribers. Any case of this will result in a direct ban!

  2. Please post links to leaks only! A link is anything that is released without the consent or knowledge of the artists. If you are posting an album, please post it before it has been put on Apple Music. If not, the post will be removed.

  3. Post links only in the comment thread of the automatic automoderator comments, do not ask for pms! You will be banned immediately.

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