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For artists who want to improve

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Welcome to /r/Learnart, for artists and aspiring artists of all skill levels!

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Rules for comments:

  1. Remember the person. We are people from all over the world, of many ages, languages, cultures, and educational backgrounds who all want to improve our art. Sometimes miscommunication happens, just be cool.

  2. Give constructive feedback, including examples of what works or doesn’t work. “I like the use of color” or “the legs are too short” are much more helpful than “I like it” or “I don’t like it.”

  3. Be civil. Jokes at another person’s expense, personal attacks, flaming, derailing threads, name-calling, trolling, and generally being an asshole will get you banned.

Rules for posting:

  1. Include images. Include your own work if you have a specific question so that you get clear feedback. Include reference images if used.

  2. Group multiple drawings into one post.

  3. Keep it on-topic. Extremely long personal posts, questions requiring medical expertise, or anything that cannot be reasonably addressed by art learners about making art will be removed.

  4. Unhelpful tutorials will be removed. This includes videos and pages lacking clear instruction, speedpaints, timelapses, and anything with significant amounts of misinformation.

  5. Spam will be removed, including posts of the same art content across many subreddits without a reasonable attempt at engaging with the /r/learnart community.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

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