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Welcome to r/LearnDota2, the newbie friendly Dota2 subreddit!

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Subreddit Rules

1.- Be friendly. Civil discussion is encouraged. Toxic attitudes or flaming aren't welcome here. Try to remain respectful.

2.- Be open to exchange. Constructive criticism, advice, and other people's opinions.

3.- Extremely low effort posts will be removed. Add some context/info along your Dotabuff or Opendota links. The better the post, the better the response you'll get.

4.- No private coaching advertisement. Posts offering private coaching (paid or free) are not allowed. Community events are the exception. Click here for more info regarding coaching.

5.- We have a strict policy on ban evasion. Click here for more information.

6.- Content creators and self promotion: 10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content. Become a part of the community by commenting in other threads. If you want to be safe, message the mods for approval before posting your link.

Mods & Reports

  • Posts from brand new accounts will be blocked automatically. Message the moderators to get your post approved.

  • If you see a post or comment that is breaking the rules, remember to report them so they can be removed by the mod team.

  • Members that break rules or are reported repeatedly will be banned from posting. See Rule 5.

  • Reports are NOT for people you disagree with.

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