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Learn Spanish

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This is a subreddit for English speakers who are interested in learning Spanish.If you have a question about anything Spanish-language related, ask and we'll help the best we can!

In-text Translation Format:

To aid in learning and comprehension, use the alt-text format for translations. For example:

[Yo quiero aprender español.](#t "I want to learn Spanish")

Yo quiero aprender español.

If you mouse over the words- DONT CLICK -you'll see the translation in the alt text. This is done by first placing the main text in brackets: [] and immediately following with the translation in (#t "text here").

Helpful Websites:


WordReference, Spanish Dict

Great resources for verb tenses. Shows conjugation for all verbs and their tenses.

Google Translate

A decent translation engine for translating whole sentences, but it's not 100%, so make sure to double check any words you're not sure about!


Offers a few good lessons on common terms.


Similar to Rosetta Stone, this a free online teaching resource that focuses a lot on repetition and visual learning.

123 TeachMe

Offers free Spanish lessons. I mostly use it for the good verb conjugation charts and example sentences.


Anki, Quizlet

Flashcard programs are really good ways of learning through repetition. Both sites feature free downloadable decks that you can edit and combine, or make your own!


Pimsleur Spanish Audio Tapes

These audio tapes are great if you want to practice speaking and hearing Spanish. They are expensive, but you can probably find them free in a Library or certain parts of the internet. Good for commuters!


Offers free, short listening exercises with comprehension questions


Coffee Break Spanish, Notes in Spanish

Light Speed Spanish (YouTube).
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