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L2D - Learn to Draw

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We don't believe in talent, we believe in DRAWING.

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New to Drawing?

DAY 1: First day of Drawing? Start here!

DAY 2: Grid Drawing

DAY 3: Still Lifes

Day 4-7 will be about scheduling, having fun & goals. You practice still lifes & grid drawing every day of your first week.

After Your First Week:


Quick & Dirty Drawing FAQ

  • Do I need talent?

  • How do I develop a style?

Free Resources

Loomis: Free Art Books (pdf) - Learn to draw Humans - Beginners: "Fun with a Pencil" - Intermediate: "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth"

Proko: Video Tutorials on Drawing Humans

Ctrl+Paint: Learning digital art

Drawing Discord Chat

Leave comments for other posters. Have fun!


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