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doot doot, thank mr skeltal

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spooky irc

spooky world of text

spooky synchtube

subreddit dedicated to skull trumpet(doot) and related bone matters.

[Learn more about doot here.] (

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bc our subreddit is 2 dooty, ur posts might go thru the automatic spam filter. if ur post gets dooted by the filter and it doesnt show up, message the dooty mods


number wan: thank mr skeltal

to: ~~lol lorddurand and xmrblonde dont have bone flair noobs~~ they do now

thres: always remember that theres a [SPOOKY WARNING] skeleton inside you

foauar: plz doot b4 post

fieive: if a p0zt is N4SV maarrk as Scauh goat

sevon: pllisz be v. niec

ate: thank mr skeltal

2^3: wlelcoem

2 in bniary: im watchin you

II: smok wedde evry dae

uno dos: also mr skellngton dosent leik u



^^^^^doot ^^^^^doot

[a gawker articel about us you jelly] (

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