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Leotards, Spandex, and One Piece Swimsuits

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>Please Read the Rules

> This subreddit is dedicated to the beauty of Women in leotards and other spandex/lycra tight outfits. One Piece swimsuits, Unitards, Biketards, are not only welcomed but invited.

> Posts found to be in violation of the rules will be removed, at the moderators discretion. As always, the moderator has final say. If you come back and your post is missing, please resubmit it while making sure to adhere to the rules. Please Send us a Message if you have any questions about the rules or the moderation of your post.

> If you have any comments, questions, concerns, about the rules or would like to be considered as a regular contributor please Send us a Message

> Please Submit Your Leotard Pictures This community is built for us by us, please help us grow by spreading the word and submitting your pictures.

> Due to the nature of our sub, we collect a lot of spam, which requires the spam filter to be at DEFCON 1, if you do not see your post, please Send us a Message


> No pornography: >As long as it is covered it is okay. Keep it tasteful, this is not a pornographic sub.

>* Nudity is not permitted, sheer clothing happens, but as a line, we would prefer no nudity be submitted. So please be mindful of what you are including in galleries.

> The subjects of all posts must be 18+: >This is not the place to post pictures of your kids; this is especially not the place to post pictures of someone else's kids. Pictures clearly in violation will be removed, questionable pictures will be taken on a case by case basis. Please feel free to Send us a Message if you have any questions.*

> Please Mark all Male Posts with an [M] tag: >While male posts are not strictly forbidden, they are not the primary focus of this community. Please feel free to post your pictures but mark them accordingly or they will be removed.*

>* All posts are marked NSFW, regardless.

> Flair your posts >We can further differentiate what types of images are being posted*

> Don't use a crappy image host >We prefer you host your images on imgur and gifs on gfycat*

>We are removing posts that are in violation of these rules, if your post was removed please repost while abiding by the rules.

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